Politics within Engineering Organizations

By, Engr. Mirza Muhammad Iqbal, CEO, Green Leaves

The segregating line between work, life and play remains obscure, the workplaces aren’t just where we go to do things, chat with coworkers, sip tea and coffee and romp home with a fat wallet. It is a sum of success and rewards with failures and stress staring each other in the face. Although in this time, many workspaces provide employees with all type of comforts creating an inviting atmosphere so that they use their creative instincts and abilities for innovation, design excellence and optimum productivity, yet the tug of war to outdo and outsmart other creates an environment of competitive stress and flammable atmosphere.

The lifelong agenda of human being is to ensure his share in the equity of life. In this bid of ensuring his share to meet the needs, he indulges or acts creating tension between him and his peers at workplaces and in business groups. The fear of losing or sitting down at the lower ebb is an emotionally disadvantage that finds no place in human brain. Politics emerges when we engage to overcome such tense situations and apparently, there is nothing wrong in doing it – is just human nature.

Almost every one of us needs money, and likes to get as much as we can, thinking it will not allow many problems in our lives making it easy, smooth and relaxing. We don’t like anyone taking advantage of us in any situation whether in a business deal or as an employee. We never like to be at disadvantage and strive hard to get always the most of the share – profit in a business transaction or pay raise as an employee, this is called vested interests. Quran very explicitly has narrated human nature of his wants, needs and desires in the following words:

“Beautified for mankind is love of the joys (that come) from women and offspring; and stored-up heaps of gold and silver, and horses branded (with their mark), and cattle and land. That is comfort of the life of the world. Allah! With Him is a more excellent abode”. (Ale-Imran – 14)

Human being have always wanted to make his life better. One hundred years ago, the vast majority of mankind was just having enough to keep themselves alive. Their blind instinct used to impel them to do something that life passes on to next generation with more comforts. The great mechanical inventions of the nineteenth century have given us an opportunity of choosing living ways, the men have never had them before.

The desire to survive and live better has been key to success in bringing us to this stage of development. The fundamental part of every social, political, and economic system is a visual representation of human nature. We human, at times, are both cooperative and selfish, the degree to which we act cooperatively or selfishly is unique to each individual and hinges on a variety of genetic and environmental influences. The primitive men needs were limited, but today’s men needs have increased manifold.