Policy initiatives planned by the federal government during financial year 2019-20


Engineering Post Report

Certain  policy initiatives are most likely to be taken  by the federal government during on-going financial year  to put in place  an efficient, equitable  and a rights based labour market in the country that will  provide a mechanism  to allow productive  growth  in the national economy and to result  in real wage increase.

Colossal endeavours by the incumbent federal government  like announcement of  provision of 10 million  jobs during its tenure, great game changer China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and projects in different sectors under its umbrella, Youth Development Programme  with the aim to provide various opportunities  to the youth.

According to the information gathered from official sources, domestically 1.2 million  jobs are planned to be created at the growth rate of  4 per cent  during 2019-20. All out efforts are being made  for placemen of 0.8 million  workers abroad. The overseas employment promoters  will be facilitated  to seek maximum  overseas employment  opportunities during the period under report.

Furthermore, strengthening of  Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and labour intensive  sectors will be prioritized  during the current financial year.

Prime Minister’s Youth Skill Development Programme through National Vocational and Technical raining Commission  (NAVTTC) and promotion of  overseas employment  will be helpful  in achieving  the targeted level of employment in the country.

Additional employment  opportunities will be generated  through promotion of  Self-Employment Schemes/Entrepreneurship  and improvement  in status of employment.

Furthermore, Services, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Entertainment, Travel and Tourism  sectors would be focused  for further employment generation.

Skill training on latest machines and equipment  to supply CPEC  required skilled manpower will also be prioritized. Apprenticeship/On Job training  in demand-driven  trades through  relevant industries will also be focused. Mapping of industries and corporate sector will be done to find out the needs for introducing  new programmes as per emerging needs of industry and corporate  sector  on priority basis.