Pakistan's Exports down by 54 percent amid Covid 19

Policies and strategies for strengthening Exports

Engineering Post Report 

The federal government  was in the process of planning  effective policy measures  in order to strengthen the external sector  of the economy and bolstering  exports, curbing unnecessary imports, enhancing home remittances by Overseas Pakistanis and inflow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Trade Policy Framework 2022-25 outlines the  vision, objectives, targets and interventions  for enhancement of export competitiveness of Pakistan. It aims at achieving the export target of US $ 40 billion by 2025 through improvement in export diversification , value addition, technological up gradation , trade facilities , ease of doing business and enhancing  regional  and bilateral trade cooperation.

The policy focuses on 18 primary sectors, both emerging and established,  based on the potential for  export growth, value addition, employment generation and contribution to Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It included engineering, leather, processed food  and beverages,  fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, pharmaceuticals, software development services,  business outsourcing logistics, institutional coordination, gems and jewellery, home textiles, surgical  instruments, sports goods, footwear , auto parts and chemicals.

In order to achieve the goals set out in the  policy, Strategic Trade Policy Framework has suggested  various measures such as duty drawback, export development fund,  markup  support, technology acquisition fund,  product development fund, branding and certification support, e-commerce  development, trade diplomacy and dispute resolution, ease of doing business and trade facilitation improved by simplifying  procedures, reducing costs, enhancing  transparency and efficiency and strengthening institutional capacity.  For enhancing regional trade and bilateral trade cooperation, pursuing preferential trade agreements, engaging in trade diplomacy, resolving trade disputes and promoting regional connectivity will be focused.  Policy initiatives for enhancing  exports and managing  imports introduced during the last financial year 2022-23 and trade reforms and initiatives likely to be  undertaken during the ongoing financial year 2023-23 will be mentioned on these pages next  month, please.