Peshawar BRT to become operational

Peshawar BRT to become operational on 30th June

KP Minister for Transport, Shah Muhammad and Spokesman of KP government, Ajmal Wazir while addressing a joint press conference at Civil Secretariat have announced June 30 2020 as the deadline for completion of the under-construction multibillion Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) project in Peshawar.

Shah Muhammad during the press conference revealed that BRT project will complete in June 2020, six months before the stipulated period of 2021. In the agreement with Asian Development Bank (ADB) the completion period of BRT was agreed as 2021.

The Peshawar BRT project was launched in the wake of traffic problems being faced by dwellers of Peshawar. The objective of BRT was to provide a modern and well equipped transport facility to the travellers.

Replying to a question the transport Minister said that an agreement has been signed with the contractor for the completion of project on june the 30th. If he (contractor) failed to meet the deadline, he will be fined heavily for delay,