PEC assistance urged in development projects

Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) is one of the only institutions which possess the expertise, experience and skilled manpower to put the country on the track of economic development through innovations. It is the responsibility of PEC to assist the government through provision of workable suggestions regarding energy and water crisis, construction of dams and construction of 5 million homes. These were the observations of Senator Mushtaq Ahmad while he was chairing the Senate Standing Committee on Science and Technology.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which is one of the most important parts of Pakistan’s economic development cannot be beneficial for the people of this country without the services of PEC. PEC has signed an agreement with China for including Pakistani companies in CPEC. PEC has also signed agreements with many international companies to hold joint ventures with Pakistani companies. Chairman PEC, Jawed Salim Qureshi while briefing the committee said that the country has 2, 60,000 engineers including 2, 39,000 male and 17,423 female. Among all, 30 percent of Pakistani engineers are serving abroad.

PEC has introduced strong reforms since the year 2015 and the degree of its registered institutions is now acknowledged at international level. PEC controls 126 universities in the country and never allows admission of a single additional student in these institutions against the criteria. Otherwise, PEC imposes fine of Rs.500, 000 per student. PEC has also made it mandatory for foreign companies operating in Pakistan to appoint 70 percent local engineers which has provided a significant amount of job opportunities for young engineers.