PEACE Cable set to put Pakistan internet speed at par with France soon

Engineering Post Report 

PEACE Cable International Network Company Limited  has completed  the construction and laying of PEACE submarine cable infrastructure in Pakistan together with Cybernet.

The Pakistan-Egypt segment of PEACE has recently achieved  final splicing thus enabling connectivity  from Karachi, Pakistan, to Marseille, France and is ready for service.

The PEACE Cable, a 90 TBPS (terabits per second) submarine cable , is now all set for service in Pakistan  raising to 10 the total number of submarine  cables  currently connecting or planning to connect Pakistan with the world.

The number of broadband subscribers and demand for data registered rapid double-digit growth in Pakistan  over the last several years. The number of broadband subscribers has grown to 119 million , representing 53.92 per cent of the total population of the country.

The PEACE Pakistan-Egypt segment connects Karachi, Pakistan and Zafarana, Egypt, spanning a total length of 5800 km . The landings of Karachi and  Zafarana were completed some months back. In addition, the Mediterranean segment of PEACE  linking Marseille,France, to Abu Talat, Egypt, a 3200 km long project  had also achieved  the status of ready to use in March 2022. Thus, the route from Pakistan to France of the PEACE Cable system  was now fully constructed and ready for use.

 Thee landing agreement  by Cubernet and PEACE Cable was signed in 2019. Cybernet, the landing partner of PEACE in Pakistan has built the country’s state of the art Cable Landing Station in Karachi which will allow  global carriers, Content Delivery Networks, content providers and virtually all IT-enabled firms to tap into the submarine cable capacity  at easily accessible inter-connect  points across Pakistan. Cybernet  has the most robust fire optic network across Pakistan  which will also facilitate access and boost  business opportunities for PEAC Cable system  in the Asian region.

Following the deployment of the PEACE submarine cable system, Pakistan will have access to high-speed, large-volume internet bandwidth with express  connectivity to France.  This cable with its  ultra-low latency design  will reduce  latency between Pakistan and France to 92 milliseconds. This will thus also improve the response time  of Internet-based based  applications  and experience of Pakistan  users while providing much-needed redundancy to Pakistan’s Internet infrastructure. The increased  capacity will finally make it possible for providing ultra-fast bandwidth connections across Pakistani  citizens with speeds comparable to those in cities such as Hong kong, Singapore and New York.