27 projects worth $ 19 billion completed under CPEC

Engineering Post Report 

As many as 27 projects  in different sectors across the country worth $ 19 billion  have so far been completed under great game changer China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) while 63 more projects  with the investment of $ 35.2 billion  are scheduled to be completed by 2030 one after the other.

According to a report  titled “Overview of Pakistan’s Power Sector  and its Future Outlook” issued by the  China Three Gorges South Asia Investment Limited  (CSAIL), 27 projects  are implementation at varying stages  with the investment of $ 7.7 billion that are scheduled to be completed by  2025. Another 16 more projects  are in  the pipeline  with the approximate  investment of $ 27.3 billion which would be completed by 2030.

According to the details, in the Power Sector  11 projects involving investment of $ 12 billion has so far been  while another four projects with an estima ted investment of $ 6 billion  are in the varying stages of their completion and are expected to be completed by 2025.

Similarly, even more projects  costing   $ 7.4 billion are in the pipeline and are expected to be completed by 2030.

In the infrastructure sector, according to the report,  seven projects  with an investment of $ 6.7 billion have  already been completed while six more projects of 0.9 billion  would be completed by 2025 n a phased manner and  12 projects involving estimated investment of $ 10.4 billion are expected to be completed  by 2030.

Likewise, in Gwadar, three projects worth $ 200 million  have  so far been completed while another two projects of $ 2300 million would be completed  by 2025  and two more projects of $ 150 million  are  scheduled to be completed by 2030.

The report further added that four our of nine  so far identified  Special Economic Zones  (SEZs) would be completed by 2030 with an investment of $ 1 billion.

Six socio-economic  projects  have also so far ben completed with an investment of $ 10 million  while another 11 projects of $ 90 million would be completed  by 2025 and 10 more projects  of $ 900 million would be completed by 2030.