PCJCCI rooting for establishment of Pak-China technical university

Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) President Shah Faisal Afridi has proposed to establish Pak-China Technology University in collaboration with Chinese campuses to transform technology from China to Pakistan. Afridi said that it would be considered a big achievement, if Pakistan succeeds to establish such university because currently the education sector of Pakistan lacks in technology and technical expertise despite having huge population of the highly motivated, talented and creative youth. He was addressing a think-tank session in Islamabad.

He said that various innovative projects, strategies and products were being developed by students in the local universities that go unnoticed due to lack of representation and interest at the government level. “China is interested to incorporate Chinese curriculum into Pakistan that will include Chinese language, Chinese work ethics, innovative planning and development on priority basis but for this they need cooperation from Pakistan, he added.

PCJCCI Senior Vice President Ahmed Hasnain supported the ideas sayin that “We do not have institutions or a financial support structure to help entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to fruition. We need radical transformation that brings the search for knowledge, science, technology and innovation to the forefront of government support.”