PC to include WAPDA in monitoring body

Dams’ construction:

In monitoring the implementation of 20 small/medium dams to be constructed in Balochistan, the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec) has directed the Planning Commission to include Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda).

Balochistan generates total surface flood flows of 10.79, 3.25 and 25.23 billion cubic meters during average, dry and wet years, respectively.

Realizing the water scarcity issue in the province, the Government of Balochistan/Centre had embarked upon a comprehensive program of harnessing flood flows through construction of small dams. The federal government was sponsoring construction of 100 dams in Balochistan.

The project after been given priority has been divided into 5 packages. Package-I comprising of 20 dams has been completed. Package-II of the project, which comprises of 26 dams, was in the final stages of implementation. Package-III, for which this PC-1 has been prepared, envisages the construction of 20 small to medium dams all over Balochistan.

According to sources, Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms, further revealed that the CDWP considered the projects in its meeting held on August 4, 2016 and recommended a rationalized cost of Rs.7.830 billion. A steering committee was also constituted under the chairmanship of ACS, Balochistan in which the Federal Government was to be represented by Ministry of Planning, Development & Reforms and the Ministry of Water & Power. The project was to be monitored by the Ministry of Planning Development & Reforms on regular basis.

During the discussion, the Additional Secretary, Ministry of Water and Power requested that since the project was related to water management, therefore, in order to provide technical advice/guidance, the Ministry of Water and Power/WAPDA may also be included in the monitoring committee for the project.

Additional Secretary Ministry of Water and Power stated that neither the Ministry nor Wapda was being updated on implementation status of the projects by the Planning Commission.

After detailed discussion, the Ecnec approved “construction of 100 small dams in Balochistan – package-III (20 dams)” approved the project at a rationalized cost of Rs.7.830 billion without any foreign aid component with the direction to the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms to establish an implementation committee with inclusion of Ministry of Water and Power/Wapda to ensure smooth completion of the project within the given timeframe.