Paksat International for satellite services in Pakistan

A decision about the usage of Paksat satellite services at the domestic level is being made by government with expectation to raise $ 600-700 million for national space programme in ten years. The National Command Authority (NCA) headed by the Prime Minister has already approved the National Space Programme with entire organization of the space programme. Total satellite capacity practice at extant in Pakistan is approximately 2200 MHz out of which 21 per cent on Pakistani satellites and the rest is on foreign satellites. Financially, a minimum of $ 35-40 million per year is going out of the country and default of users of Pakistan satellites has stacked to $ 22.48 million (Rs 3.5 billion). Countries in the region such as India, China and Bangladesh forbid the use of foreign satellite systems, thus granting regulatory and financial protection to their own space programmes. The Prime Minister has established an inter-ministerial committee under the chairmanship of Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunications, to come up with an approved agenda and give commendations. After detailed negotiations, the adoption of policy measures to maximize use of national space assets positioned by Suparco/Paksat International for satellite services in Pakistan in national and financial interest. While, based on the recommendations of the committee, a draft policy instruction for establishment of satellite services in Pakistan has the latent to raise $ 600-700 million for the national space program till 2030, besides having secondary profits related to progression of homegrown space technology.