Pakistan’s first 3 wheeler Electric vehicle launched

Pakistan’s first 3 wheeler Electric vehicle launched

Sazgar Engineering Works, Pakistan’s renowned 3 wheeler rickshaw manufacturer has unveiled Pakistan’s first electric rickshaw. The unveiling ceremony of the “EV Three Wheeler” took place at the Sazgar Car plant, situated at Sunder Road Lahore. Advisor to Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam attended the event as chief guest.

The EV runs on EcoRik Li-Ion Battery. The batter is 48V, 125Ah, and 6kwh. The motor of the vehicle is 3kw. The overall charging for the EV is estimated to be 5 hours. With passengers, the Rickshaw can drive 170Kms as per the spokes persons at the event. Besides that, the customers can save Rs.250,000 in fuel expenditure and around 30,000 in maintenance costs. The vehicle will be locally manufactured including the spare parts except for the electric kit

The initiative is in line with the government’s policy to switch to electric vehicles to reduce the oil import bill and effects on climate change.

According to the representative of the company, the EV is perfect for exporting as well as promoting the industrial growth of the country. Sazgar is already exporting its auto-rickshaw to different countries, including Japan. In the near future, the company is all set to launch BAIC vehicles.