Pakistan’s exports surged by over 25 % in a row for third consecutive month

Report by Engineering Post

Pakistan’s exports for some time have been dwindling up and down for various factors. But it was a matter of satisfaction that the exports had surged by over 25 percent for the third consecutive month.

Country’s trade balance had witnessed a significant improvement in February 2024 with a remarkable 18.2 percent narrowing compared to the corresponding month in the previous fiscal year. This positive shift was credited by the official sources to a notable surge in the exports coupled with a moderate increase in the imports.

Exports had soared by 30 percent in February 2024 reaching to $ 2.575 billion as compared to February $ 1.984 billion in February 2023.

The sources maintained that the federal government was committed to implement the policies aiming at fostering export oriented industries, expanding export markets and attracting foreign direct investment adding that these endeavours were expected to further bolster Pakistan’s trade balance in its favour in the coming months.