Pakistan’s electricity generation capacity fuel-wise, share and consumption

Engineering Post Report

The total electricity generation capacity in the country during July 2021 to April 2022 had increased by 11.5 percent and it had reached 41557 MW from 37261 MW during the same period last fiscal year.

Fuel-wise, the percentage share of hydel in total installed capacity had marginally been reduced to 24.7 percent during July-April FY2022 as compared to its share in FY2021.
The contribution of Regasified Liquid Natural Gas (RLNG) in the installed capacity had increased to 23.8 per cent in July-April FY2022 from 19.66 per cent.
The percentage share of coal ,however, remained the same although there was an increase in the installed capacity from 4770 MW during July-April FY2021 to 5332 MW during July-AprilFY2022.
The percentage contribution of had declined from 12.15 per cent during July-April FY 2021 to 8.5 per cent in July-April FY2022.
There was an increase in the percentage share of renewable energy which the experts have termed as a good sign for the national economy as well as for the environment.
The percentage share of Nuclear power increased to 8.8 per cent during July-April FY2022 from 6.68 per cent during July-April FY2021.
The share of wind increased from 3.31 per cent to 4.8 per cent while the percentage share of solar increased from just 1.07 per cent in July-April FY2021 to 1.4 per cent during July-April FY2022.
There was a slight shift in the percentage .share of different sources in the electricity generation.
Thermal still had the largest the largest share in the electricity generation in the country, although its percentage contribution had declined from 62.5 percent during July-April FY2021 to 60.5 per cent during July-April FY2022 .
Similarly, the percentage contribution of Hydel in electricity generation had also reduced from 27.8 percent in July-April FY 2021 to 23.7 per cent durig July-April FY2022.
The percentage share of Nuclear power had increased from 7.2 per cent during July-April FY2021 to 12.35 per cent during July-April FY2022.
The contribution of renewable energy in the electricity generation had slightly increased from 2.4 per cent during July-April FY2021 to 3.02 per cent in the first ten months of FY2022.