Pakistan to export Electricity to Tajikistan

Pakistan has decided to export 1,000MW of electricity to Tajikistan in the winter season through the CASA-1000 project as hydro generation in Tajikistan turns zero in winter season. A reverse flow of electricity clause has been included in the power purchase agreement (PPA). Pakistan has the capacity to generate close to 30,000MW electricity and in winter the demand in Pakistan hovers around 11,000-13,000MW. So the country is in a position to export the surplus electricity up to 1,000MW to Tajikistan at affordable prices. Once the CASA-1000 project is completed, Pakistan will import 1,000MW electricity from Tajikistan at 9 cents per unit in summer season for 5 months from May to September and export it to Tajikistan in winter at the same price. The net financial impact on both the countries will be zero.

The construction agreement has been signed among four countries under the project CASA-1000. Under the master agreement of CASA-1000, a transmission line would originate in the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan and pass through Afghanistan to reach Pakistan.