Pakistan set to get most advanced 5G internet by July 2023

Engineering Post Report

After much-delayed and revised dates for launching of 5G in the country, it is now expected to take place in July 2023.

The initiative will help boost the IT industry  as well as exports at an appreciable rate.

Exports from IT sector have increased significantly and compared to exports from Pakistan from other sectors. Exports of IT and telecommunication have increased by as much as 47.44 per cent  during last couple of years against other sectors with not so impressive performance  in this regard.

Countries around the world are still struggling  to get stable and reliable G5. Regions including Britain will get poor 5G connections in a lot of cities and it remained to be seen  how the next generation of mobile networks performed in Pakistan.

According to the available information, top 10 5G user countries around the world include China, South, The United States, Spain, the United Kingdom, Canada,  Australia , Saudi Arabia, Italy and Finland. According to a report, the number of cities with access to 5G has reached 1662 worldwide.