Cooperation in Science and Technology sector to be boosted under CPEC

Engineering Post Report 

The second phase of great game changer between time-tested, iron brothers of neighbouring countries, China and Pakistan China-Pakistan Economic Cooperation (CPEC) is well underway with an emphasis on industrialization and development of science and technology cooperation among other sectors.

The overall goal is to reap  the benefits of first phase  (2015-20) which has created  an enabling  environment for investment in other sectors to mostly  fill  the existing infrastructure and energy gaps.

In Science and Technology,  China-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor, establishment of Science  and Technology Parks, establishment of China-Pakistan Technology Transfer Center, Capacity Building and Training for Science and Technology  Engineering Mathematics (STEM) Education in Pakistan, establishment of mechanism/ expert panel to facilitate mutual recognition and accreditation of engineering education has been planned.

Science and Technology projects which are already in the pipeline during financial year 2022-23 include Establishment of the China-Pakistan Joint Research Centre on Earth Science in Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Acquisition of Oceanographic Research Vessel, Establishment of Institute of  Semiconductor Technology and Establishment of Silicon Solar Cells and PV Panel Fabrication Facility of 500 MW per annum.