Route length has remained unchanged during last about two decades

Pakistan Railways

Route length has remained unchanged during last about two decades

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Pakistan Railways with its nation-wide network has not made steady progress in terms of its rolling stock during the last about two decades although  it is a single mode to transport in the public sector  contributing to economic growth  and also contributing towards promotion of national integration by carrying people  from one region to another.

According to the figures available  from Ministry of Railways sources,  number of  locomotives and freight wagons  have declined over the years instead of showing upward trend. However, the route across the country has remained static.

Pakistan Railways had  610 locomotives in 2000-01, which declined to 577 tin 2001-2 and 2002-03, increased to 592 in  2003-4 ,  declined to 522  in 2011-12 and further down to 421 in 2013-14 and then increased 470 during last financial year.

Pakistan Railways income depends mainly on two sources i.e. on number of passengers carried as well goods  transported across the country.

Railways had 23893 freight wagons  in 2000-01 which instead of being increased kept declining in the following years.  In 2005-06, number of freight wagons decreased 20809, further downward to 16499 in  2009-10,  rose again to  18468 next year in 2010-11  and after going further down to 15164 in  2015-16  rose slightly to 16159 in 2017-18 .

However, Railways network in terms of kilometers has remained static at 7791 kilometers neither  increasing now decreasing even by one kilometer as such.