Pakistan HVACR Society Inaugurates New Chapter at Faisalabad

Pakistan HVACR society has achieved a new milestone under its current leadership. After 21 years the Pakistan HVACR society has announced a new chapter office in Faisalabad. Faisalabad adds up to the 4th Chapter office in of the society in the country.

Engr. Khurram R. Malik President Pakistan HVACR society inaugurated the chapter office in Faisalabad in a colourful ceremony with traditional dresses showcasing the culture of the region. Mr. Muhammad Amir (Lahore chapter chairman), Mr. Mahmood Ahmad (Faisalabad chapter chairman) and other senior members of Pakistan HVACR society and other related personnel attended the inauguration ceremony.

While addressing the participants of the gathering President Khurram R. Malik reiterated the importance of all the chapters working together as a team and avoiding any misunderstandings in the future. “After the opening of ASHRAE chapter in Faisalabad some misunderstandings were created which led to the delay but now we have finally been able to inaugurate a proper chapter office in Faisalabad after a very long time. We are thankful that Allah SWT has provided us with the 4th office in the country after so many years,” he said

During his address he urged all the members of Faisalabad chapter of Pakistan HVACR society to work hard for the chapter as well for themselves “It is time for you to step up and shine. You have the opportunity to make Faisalabad Chapter an exemplary chapter for the society. In the next elections you people will be sitting with the seniors” he said.