Pakistan has power generation potential of 50000 MW: PM

PM Imran Khan has said that Pakistan has huge untapped potential of hydel power generation of more than 50,000MW. Pakistan is trying to develop dams to utilise this huge power generation potential. Mohmand Dam having the capacity of 800MW would be completed by 2025 while Diamir-Basha, Kurram Tangi and Dasu Kohistan were simultaneously underway that would be completed by 2028.

In addition to producing clean energy these dams would also help in agriculture. These projects would bring additional 80,000 acres of land under cultivation which will help in food security in the country and would also work for reducing climate change.

While comparing the development of Chine the PM said that China had constructed about 5,000 big dams and 80,000 small dams while Pakistan had not constructed a single major electricity generating project for the last 50 years despite such huge potential. He said small dams could be constructed throughout the country.

The construction of these dams will help raise the water table in the region which will be beneficial for the resident of adjoining areas. About 300 million gallons of water would be supplied from Mohmand dam to Peshawar for drinking purposes as well.

While commenting on the increased cost of electricity the PM said that launching of costly energy projects including IPPs in the past had increased miseries of people as the past rulers used it for minting money and put extra burden on national exchequer. As a result of which circular debt, which was Rs480 billion in 2018 is expected to reach Rs1455 billion by 2023.

He said contracts with IPPs were signed in haste in the past that created issue of capacity payments to IPPs whether its electricity was utilised or otherwise. He said government had held successful negotiations with IPPs and saved a substantial amount being paid to IPPs