Pakistan emerging as Major Player in Artificial Intelligence

Prof Dr M Iqbal Choudhary, coordinator general, COMSTECH, bordered by senior officials from the Ministry of Science and Technology and Telecommunication about youth, AI and IoT for Pakistan will stand-in interest in science, technology, innovation and popularize the field of artificial intelligence among the youth of Pakistan. The COMSTECH organizing exhibition on Artificial Intelligence and IoT Products and Services. Pakistan is emerging as a major global participant in AI technology by aligning with the global future demands, training its human resource with valuable skills in the IT, and increasing IT exports. During an event organized at COMSTECH, he further said that this national exhibition will be a unique platform for innovators, technology developers, and service providers, who are keen to share experience and professional skills with end users. Artificial Intelligence is the most promising field in the next generation information technology that will boost the national economy in several areas, and enhance exports to many crinkles. Around the globe, countries are maneuvering to take maximum benefit from the AI.