Pakistan can produce 5000 MW from Biomass

“Country can produce as many as 5000 MW from the biomass”. These were the views shared by experts while addressing on Public Awareness Campaign for recycling home garbage using waste to energy concept. The symposium was arranged by Department of Energy System Engineering, University of Agriculture Faisalabad and funded by HEC. Vice Chancellor, Dr Muhammad Ashraf directed UAF engineers to design a bio-gasification plant.

The low-priced electricity will be produced by using solid waste and biomass in order to promote alternative ways of energy. The waste will be segregated at household level or at transfer station in specified manner and biological treated to convert into the renewable gas. As Europe is only 900 micromole per square but still utilizing solar as renewable resource. The alternative sources of energy like wind, bio energy and bio fuel are required to be applied to meet the energy demand in the country. The country spends as many as 14 billion US dollar on the import of the oil whereas not tapping the potential from other sources of energy. As waste to energy is environment friendly, cost effective and sustainable, the effective waste management would also help to address the issue of environmental degradation.