Pak-China Cooperation increases: 8 MoUs Signed

Islamabad: A signing ceremony of Pak-China Trade Cooperation Projects was organized by Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) and Ministry of Commerce China in which 8 MoUs worth $100Mn were signed. Around 14 private companies from both countries participated in the ceremony and signed MoUs for mutual investment in seafood, agriculture, steel and pharmaceutical sectors.

Addressing on the occasion, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of China Embassy, Wang Zhihua said that Chinese Embassy welcome the mutual investment and joint ventures between the private investor companies of both side encourage private sectors to go for more investment in both countries

In recent years, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) under ‘One belt one road’ has opened new dimensions of collaboration between the two countries which are mutually benefiting from each other by cooperation in defense, technology, agriculture, leather, chemicals and many other aspects of trade. Right now China is working on more than forty projects in Pakistan associated to different sectors including infrastructure, energy and transport which has the potential to employ thousands of locals.

China has increased its investments in Pakistan making CPEC a $60 Billion project which has the potential to provide benefit to both the countries. Pakistan due to its unique strategic location can provide ample business opportunities to the international investors. In the ceremony, the governments were urged to increase mutual trade so that the economic and trade potential between the two countries is increased and utilized to the maximum degree.