Orange Line project:

ABAD urges to seek the concerns

Engr Akber Sheikh, Chairman,  Association of Builders and Developers (ABAD) Punjab has pushed the Punjab government to address the concerns for timely completion of Orange Line Metro Train Project.

According to him, the NESPAK reports regarding structural integrity of construction and its impact on existing structures should be acceptable at any forum as it is an international consultancy.

“With the availability of 15 archeological sites on a stretch of 15 kilometer at the Orange Line Metro Train project, the route will look like an archeological safari and it will promote urban tourism in Lahore,” he said in a statement issued.

He said the Shalamar Garden is the only historical site listed with the international heritage of UNESCO where a visual impact assessment was required.

In his opinion, the elevated metro track will improve visibility of the garden and will enhance its visual impact. It will also increase visitors to the archeological site, he hoped.

Regarding the underground/elevated track controversy, he said the underground construction would be three times expensive than the elevated track. Furthermore, this type of construction is possible only where existing structures are laid out in regular rectangular pattern, he added.

“In all the temperate climate countries like Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Delhi, elevated or hybrids are used for construction purposes.” He said maintenance of the underground tracks and stations is always difficult, especially in a highly threatening security situation.