OICCI and Shell arrange Pakistan Energy Symposium

The Nutshell Group organized a ‘Pakistan Energy Symposium’ hosted by Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI) and Shell Pakistan Ltd as a means to bring together public stakeholders, policymakers, thought leaders, and industry specialists, to chart out a course for Pakistan’s sustainable energy future.

Federal Minister for Petroleum and Water Resources, Senator Dr Musadik Malik, during the event, spoke about the addition of renewables to the country’s energy mix and said ,”Pakistan has sunlight, wind, water, and nuclear energy. We can produce green electricity on a large scale. In 2018, when the strategy was being made, solar energy was 22 cents and wind energy was 23 cents, which has now been reduced to three to five cents. Pakistan can produce energy using a hybrid system. Battery technology is improving, and if that happens, we can generate electricity from sun, wind, and water.”

President and CEO , Standard Chartered and President OICCI, Mr. Rehan Sheikh expressed his views about the renewable energy sources and their application while speaking at the event. He said, “Energy security and self-sufficiency are the fundamentals of progress and prosperity for any nation. While Pakistan’s power sector has faced issues like circular debt, demand and supply gaps, and rising costs and tariffs, there is huge potential to change the course. With over 300 sunny days in a year, vast wind corridors in Sindh and Balochistan, and abundant hydropower in the North, Pakistan must capitalize on these green energy resources and move to a sustainable energy mix.” CEO and Managing Director Shell Pakistan Ltd, Waqar Siddique said “Pakistan is at a critical economic juncture, and to steer the country on a sustainable trajectory, resolving the energy puzzle is of utmost importance. There is tremendous opportunity for growth in the energy sector of the world’s 5th most populous country, with sizable potential for investment. What we propose are partnerships and solutions that seek to shape the energy future of Pakistan.”

Rabia Shoaib Ahmad, Director and CEO, Nutshell Group, said, “To help highlight the issues of the investors, to create an enabling environment, and to help promote a healthy investment climate for foreign investors in Pakistan, Nutshell Group has been working with the OICCI for over a decade”.