Nothing can improve unless measured, not even performance

By Engr. Khalid Pervez, CEO, KPWS Consulting

Can any entity or country stand on its feet without an effective and across the board performance assessment (PA)?

Certainly NOT! But the benefits of maintaining status quo don’t allow people at the helm of affairs to even think about it.

Many of you might not heard of the PA of university professors but I’ve witnessed it at Northwestern University, USA where I studied for MS. In his last period of the session, every professor provided a set of PA sheets to each student to grade the professor against stated KPIs. As per the SOP, the professor would then deposit the anonymous PA sheets to the Dean’s office for processing.  The outcome would be informed to the professor and the top ranking professors would be added in the annual handbook to know all the students and the faculty. The outcome was also used for multiple other purposes.

I believe that PA system is employed in all public and private sector entities in all developed countries, as that’s the only way to deploy the right talent for any job or position. 

In Pakistan, there’s no PA system at all and hardly anyone is fired in the public sector. People continue getting promotions regardless of their performance. The better the connections, the better are the prospects of getting lucrative positions.

What’s the ultimate result: no performance, adhocism, working only for self- interests, etc. What a huge cost to the exchequer and the perpetual loss to the nation.

The country is bleeding from all such woes.

Only a leader could reverse the situation, provided he’s given a free hand.