NHA vs Sindh Govt

Karachi: Hearing of the case was done by the division bench of Sindh High Court headed by Justice Hassan Azhar Rizvi against Sindh govt filed by NHA about the utilization of land for Motorway M-9 and collection of toll tax. The attorney from the province Shabir Shah said that if the federal government wants to utilize provincial land they should do it through proper channel as specified by Law. He said that NHA cannot lawfully collect the toll tax without paying the cost of the land utilized for construction of M-9.
Rizwan Memon, former secretary Works & Services and secretary Land Utilization is a respondent in NHA’s petition. NHA’s attorney pleaded that 95% work on the motorway between Karachi and Hyderabad M-9 has been completed which is built on federally owned land. Now the Provincial government wants to take control of the toll tax collected that is why they are impeding the process. He contested that land utilized for construction of M-9 has been federalized under West Pakistan Highway Ordinance 1959 and pleaded that provincial government is committing violation of law by claiming its right over collection of tax.
NHA is carrying out the repairing of M-9 Motorway and has been accused of selling the land around the road under right of way.