NHA Vehicle’s auction Completed

National Highway Authority (NHA) has completed the auction process of 219 vehicles. This process initiated under the PM’s Austerity drive has generated Rs.213 Million. The Authority presented a total of 219 vehicles for open auction out of which 42 were luxury vehicles. 201 vehicles were sold while 18 vehicles remained unsold, including 10 at Islamabad headquarters, due to non-participation of bidders, unclear papers and low-bidding price. The Auction of Vehicles was supervised and managed by a five-member committee comprising Director Establishment (headquarter) Muhammad Shakeel, General Manager Regional office Jahangir Ahmed, Deputy Director (Administration) Naseem Ahmed, Deputy Director (Accounts) Zulfiqar Abbassi and Deputy Director (Internal Audit) Johar Iqbal..

The Number of Vehicles auctioned and the revenue generated from each office is as follows

Head office Islamabad Rs 62.39 million (62)

Peshawar Rs 20.3 million(15)

Abbottabad Rs 10.13 million (09)

Lahore Rs 34.99 million (24), Multan  Rs 15.87 million (14)

Sukkur Rs 11.71  (10)

Karachi Rs 12.95 million (13)

Quetta30.40 million (35)

Gilgit Rs 4.51 million (19).