NESPAK making waves in global markets

Ahmad Said, Vice President, Business Development Division, NESPAK

Globalisation has become an essential requirement for development in today’s world as borders and distances continue to shrink virtually every day. In this globalised environment, NESPAK has been quick to adapt and explore new avenues. As a dynamic and action-oriented organization, NESPAK has gradually opened its Regional Offices in different countries to contribute to the growth and development of these countries in multifarious engineering projects while also earning foreign exchange and a good name for Pakistan and NESPAK.

NESPAK has been offering services for infrastructure projects in various foreign countries, including buildings, roads, public health, dams, power, airports etc., making the best use of knowledge and skills demonstrated by its unrivaled professionals. With its human resource, NESPAK has won and carried out many mega projects overseas, proving its mettle as a multinational engineering consultancy tycoon. Currently, the foreign business acquisition ratio is about 20 percent of the total business domain of NESPAK. At present, NESPAK is providing engineering services in KSA, Jordan, Qatar, UAE, Nigeria, Oman, Uzbekistan and Yemen.

To date, NESPAK has undertaken almost 560 projects costing US$ 48 billion in 39 foreign countries. Additionally, NESPAK has been submitting proposals and EOIs for acquiring projects in other regional states such as Botswana, Cambodia, Georgia, Indonesia, Lebanon, Malawi, Maldives, Myanmar, Mauritius, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Vietnam and Nepal. NESPAK’s impressive performance in the global market has not gone unnoticed. NESPAK has been ranked on US-based ENR (Engineering News-Record) Magazine Top International/Global non-US Construction Management/Program Management Firms list for four consecutive years. In 2022, NESPAK was ranked 13 among the top 20 Non-US firms in total global construction management and program management. The ranking was published as part of the ENR Top International/ Global Contractors feature in the August 2022 issue of ENR.