NEPRA for approvals of renewable projects

Over the period of times, Nepra has been urging the government to consider and include the hydro-power projects in the scope of ARE policy yet fruitless. The first suggestion was made in the year 2019, again a letter was written in 202 where it was re-advised to consider hydropower in the scope and definition of renewable energy in various energy policies, rules, and regulations. Director of Nepra has written again a letter on August 17, 2021 to various stakeholders and has raised this issue at various forums at the highest level. Prior to the Nepra’s letter of 2020, the highlighted the facts of the advancement of the renewable energy technology were stated in comparison to over 160 countries worldwide.  The dominating countries are Australia, Norway, Brazil, Canada, Vietnam, Sweden, the United States and China, etc. Moreover, hydropower is an attractive renewable option, due to the low cost of the electricity it produces, low greenhouse gas emissions, and the flexibility it provides to the grid. Although Pakistan has abundant renewable resources yet Power Division has not paid any heed to the suggestions of the regulator. This has generated a sense of chaos among the authorities for non-acceptance of some renewable energy projects.