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Mr. Munawar Hassan share his thoughts with Engineering Post

MyTech Engineering Company (Pvt.) Ltd is dealing with the Latest Technology of Fire protection, Air Conditioning & RO Plants and all aspects of Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) projects solutions for life and business safety protecting lives, process machinery/equipment, and data centres all over the world. MyTech Engineering is currently working on the mega project of Green line in Karachi providing complete Electrical solution for the project.

MyTech Engineering is the pioneers of bringing American technology and American standard fire fighting equipment to Pakistan. Mr.Munawar Hasan, CEO MyTech Engineering Company (Pvt.) Ltd while talking to Engineering Post said “It is a dilemma of our country that people do not pay proper attention to installation and servicing of fire safety equipment. But now the government has introduced strict legislation and fire safety codes in new constructions,” he said.

Events like the fire at Hafeez Center Lahore, which resulted in millions in losses for the people, can be prevented just by following a few guidelines of fire protection. Such events have forced the people to give proper importance to fire safety regulations in the country.

 “As the construction industry slowly gains pace in Pakistan, all the new buildings are bound by law to install fire safety boxes inside buildings,” he said.

From early detection fire alarms to fire suppression systems, MyTech Engineering provides the complete fire safety solution to its diverse range of clients. The clients vary from armed forces to shopping malls and even wind energy plants. “We have been working on large scale projects of Army and Navy all across Pakistan” explained Mr Munawar. “In the private sector we have successfully completed fire safety projects for Sindh Revenue Board, Sindh Secretariat finance Department Data Centre project and Younus Wind Plant. We have also worked for food court of Dolmen mall Karachi GETZ pharma Karachi and many other notable names,” he added.

During the conversation Mr. Munawar revealed that he along with other industry leaders are endeavouring to bring all the retailers importers and suppliers of fire safety equipment on a single platform of Fire Protection Industry of Pakistan (FPIP). “We plan to bring all traders importers etc of Fire safety equipment together on the platform of FPIP. All the matters of mutual good will be handled by this society,” he said. According to the details provided, Mr Aamir Barry will be the chapter chairman of FPIF Lahore while Mr. Munawar will be FPIP chapter chairman Karachi, And Mr. Zulqurnain will lead Islamabad Chapter.

 While commenting on the current status of HVACR industry of Pakistan Mr Munawar revealed that the current market is very rich with projects of HVACR because of new constructions of buildings, shopping malls as well as a large number of hospitals. “After COVID-19 people have also become very conscious about HVACR equipment having sterilisation capabilities. So understanding the market needs we have upgraded our equipment and are now providing HVAC equipment having the ability to continuously sterilise the air so that no bacteria or virus is recirculated with the air” said Mr. Munawar.