Multitek Leading through Excellence

Mr. Wasim Abbas, Managing Director Multitek Engineering talks to Engineering Post


Q.) How do you take engineering sector of the country and what is Multitek’s strategy about it?

A: Engineering is the goal-oriented process of designing and making tools and systems to exploit natural phenomena for practical human means. Multitek is continuously delivering Engineering Excellence and this is our ideology to be achieved all the time.

Q.) Since how long you are serving the Engineering Sector?

A: I am serving Engineering Sector for almost 5 years and Manufacturing Industry for more than a decade.

Q.) How long is the Multitek formed and when you joined Multitek?

A: Multitek was formed in 2005 and I joined Multitek in July, 2016.

Q.) What are the major changes you believe your presence has made in Multitek?

A: In last one year Multitek has changed on 180 degrees and this is because of Shoaib Sohail (C.E.O/ Director) who allowed me to take steps towards growth.

Now we are in all over Pakistan, we have largest Powder Coating Paint Shop with 6 Kanal Manufacturing unit. One of the achievements we got is to be awarded as System Integrator for DEIF products and Sole Distributor for Middle East Insulation LLC. for their BAAB Doors brand in Pakistan.

Q.) Technology is kept on changing very fast. What do you think Multitek is doing for this to take part in the growth of Pakistan?

The simplest form of technology is the development and use of basic tools. In current Era, technology is going very fast for meeting needs and desires of people whereas in our country we are the followers and far behind in use of latest technology. Taking this as a challenge, Multitek has fasten its Research and Development work to adopt the fast track and another step is to start Explosion Proof Enclosures Manufacturing in 2018 which will benefit the country’s needs at minimum cost due to local manufacturing.

In fast track technology adoption Multitek is the only manufacturer in Pakistan that manufactures Sound Attenuators and one of success story is installed in the Coca-Cola Head Office in Gulberg Lahore.

Q.) How your company can give timely services to whole Pakistan?

We work as 24/7 organization for our valued customers so we can reduce production loses of processing sector in case of emergency. Furthermore; Multitek has recently opened its new Sale & Service office for South Region in Karachi. This will definitely open new avenues for the country’s development and in prompt services to our valued customers. Our head Office is in Lahore, whereas North Office is in Islamabad.

Q.) What is the current standing of Multitek and what do you foresee in coming 5 years?

A: Multitek is currently having one manufacturing unit in Lahore and foresee another one in south to meet the needs of Pakistan. We have planned to start manufacturing of Transformers and focus on exports to the international market in coming 5 years.

Q.) Other than Manufacturer, what other major expertise Multitek has in the market?

A: As Manufacturers, we have Switchgear, Sound Proof Enclosures, Sound Attenuators, Fuel Tanks, Ducting Containerized Solutions, but on top of this we are well known in Fuel Systems and Sound proofing. Shoaib Sohail (Director/ C.E.O) is known for designing of critical projects in this area.

Q.) In current competition when there are many Switchgear Manufacturers; What differentiates Multitek?

A: There is no doubt competition is increasing every day and I believe healthy and positive competitions bring growth and development to the industry and in country.

Like any class A rating companies, at Multitek we use the same original components but the only thing that differentiate us is our Workforce who are the real assets of our company.

Q.) What are the major projects Multitek has successfully delivered in 2017 and What do you foresee in 2018?

A: Alhamdulilah; we have successfully delivered and still delivering BBIA, new Islamabad Airport and feel proud to the second largest Switchgear provider on it. PPIC3, Radar Tower Islamabad are leading ones.

As CAA, CSCEC and FWO has strongly appreciated and approved Multitek at BBIA project we believe Lahore Airport extension will be our next milestone to achieve.

Q.) Manufacturing industry of Pakistan is dying, Chinese and other countries are influencing more, What Multitek is doing towards it?

A: There is no doubt that energy crises and political instability has threatened the industry especially manufacturing yet having poor after sales services is a major drawback Engineering sector has.

Multitek is the only Manufacturer in Engineering industry who announced free of cost repairing services for all Pakistan made products of same nature to all the users. This step has been taken to promote Pakistan manufactured products and let users trust and believe in better after sale services.

Q.) Anything you want to say about Engineering Post?

A: I need to have more time and more words to explain what Engineering post has done in past few years yet what this Paper is delivering is itself a big step towards the growth of Engineering Sector of Pakistan.