Mitiari Lahore transmission line will have only four percent line losses

The Mitiari to Lahore HVDC power line with the capacity of 4000MW has been inaugurated by Prime Minister Imran Khan. The state of the art transmission line project with a total length of 878km designed to evacuate Power from Coal based Plants located at Thar, Port Qasim and Hub will have only 4 percent line losses which can be extremely beneficial for the consumers.

While speaking at the inauguration ceremony the PM said that the state-of-the-art Matiari to Lahore transmission line with four percent line losses was the need of the country to lessen the burden of expensive electricity on the consumers. Currently the line losses of the power sector are around 17 percent. Every one percent line loss costs billions to the country and these costs are borne by the people in the form of expensive electricity.

The transmission lines project was started in 2013 but the progress of work was very slow and was accelerated after 2018.As a result of the work done during the last three years, the project was being inaugurated.

While speaking at the ceremony the PM further stated that Pakistan also suffered as the prices of commodities in the domestic market also went up but he hoped as the world seems to be recovering from coronavirus after availability of vaccination, the prices of commodities would also come down at home and the CPEC projects would be further accelerated.