MIA Group’s Participation in KEEMTF EXPO Karachi 2017

MIA Group’s Participation in KEEMTF EXPO Karachi 2017

KEEMTF – 2017 (Karachi Electric, Electronics, Mobile and Telecom Fair) was held at Karachi EXPO Centre from Feb 17 to 19, 2017. It was indeed a major exhibition of electronics, electrical, mobile and telecom items marketed & sold in Pakistan and this helped open-up a world of untapped opportunities of business and trade in Pakistan and abroad.

MIA Group of Companies participated in KEEMTF – 2017 with vigor. Keeping in view importance of the occasion, MIA established a mega stall so that huge variety of products and brands marketed by the Group were appropriately displayed for in-depth review by potential customers & clients and general public.

Aim behind MIA Group’s participation in KEEMTF was to tap trade opportunities emerging in the financial hub of Pakistan and also to interact with the delegates representing different areas of the country and abroad for mutual benefit.

Daikin residential product line was showcased along with Daikin VRV in addition to Volva Penta (Khonayssar) Diesel Generators marketed by MIA Group. Turnout at KEEMTF was massive and the stall of Daikin Air-conditioners; which won the Brand of the Year award in 2016, was the centre of attraction due to the variety of product line offered and also because of the general reputation enjoyed by this brand globally.

MIA sales staff attended to potential customers and general visitors with professional acumen answering probing queries to their satisfaction. Lucky draw offered to the visitors at Daikin Stall added color to the occasion.

KEEMTF – 2017 certainly left an encouraging mark for Pakistan’s electronics industry and such useful endeavors will surely elevate Pakistan’s image among the world’s leading markets in electronics and telecom field.