Mega investment projects Saif Group Inks MoU with Enspire Group(UAE)

ISLAMABAD: Saif Group has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Enspire Group of UAE to jointly explore and study mega investment projects in Pakistan. A signing ceremony was held in Islamabad here on Monday. Senior management of Saif Group, led by Salim Saifullah Khan, met with Enspire Group delegation, led by its Chairman Soud Ahmed Abdul Rehman Al Ba’alaway.

Saif Group is one of the leading industrial and business conglomerates of Pakistan with active business interests in textiles manufacturing, power generation, energy exploration, healthcare services, real estate development and telecommunication services.

Enspire Group of UAE is engaged in the business of funding global infrastructure projects and making equity investments in entities across the globe. Chairman of Enspire Group, Ba’alaway, has previously remained the Executive Chairman of Dubai Group, the CEO of Dubai Investment Group and the Executive Committee Member of Dubai Holdings.

Speaking on the occasion, Salim Saifullah welcomed the visiting delegation and said that “with economic situation in the country improving, this is the perfect time to invest in Pakistan.” The signed MoU entails joint investments in a host of local sectors including power generation, healthcare, energy infrastructure and construction.

Other members present at the occasion included Dr Ali Sajjad, CEO Enspire Group, Barrister Assad Saifullah Khan, CEO Kohat Textile Mills, Corporate Lawyer, Barrister Hassaan Salahuddin and Nawabzada Bilal Babar.