Measures to boost Inclusive Economic Growth

Engineering Post Report

In Pakistan, the process of urbanization and economic development has been mutually interdependent. Consistent with the global trend, the urban centres in Pakistan have also become the drivers of economic growth.

It is estimated that the cities contribute around 80 per cent of the country‚Äôs Gross Domestic Product (GDP).To achieve the sectoral objectives, an allocation of approximately Rs 26 billion was made  in the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) of the Federal Government  for financial year 2020-21 to different  federal ministries and the line departments  for implementation of physical planning and  housing sector programmes/projects. Similarly, the provincial government also had allocated substantial amount for the execution of projects relating to the sector.

The Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives has also launched a National Programme to mitigate the impact of pandemic of COVID-19 with an outlay of Rs 70 billion.

An amount of approximately Rs 49 billion was also allocated in the PSDP 2021-22  for implementation of physical planning and housing sector  programmes by various ministries/divisions and line departments as per the following:

Formulation of urban contingency plans to mitigate and adapt to the crises as well as restoration/recovery plans to manage post crisis scenario. Urban contingency plans quite obviously will focus adopting a combination of proactive surveillance, routine communication, rapid isolation and personal and community protection measures. Urban contingency plans so being prepared accordingly  also include pandemic laws and crisis management  regulations, guidelines for urban design retrofits; and digital plans with  use of ubiquitous technology for geo-fencing, location finding and community engagement.

Preparation/ development of Integrated Strategic Development Plans  as well as Smart City  Master Plans for cities on CPEC  corridor including Gwadar.

Promote public-private partnership for housing and new urban centres on the build-own-operate (BOO) and build-operate-transfer (BOT) basis.