Mangla power station to have more generation capacity

Implementation of Mangla Refurbishment Project with an approved PC-I cost of Rs 52.224 billion would enhance generation capacity of the existing Mangla Hydel Power Station from 1000 megawatt (MW) to 1310MW, thus registering an increase of 310MW. This was said by Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority Chairman Lt Gen Muzammil Hussain (Retd) while visiting Mangla Dam. He made a detailed round of the main dam, spill way, and the hydel power station. He also visited Khaliq Abad in the suburban area of Mirpur to view the reservoir rim, where project authorities carried out rehabilitation work to strengthen the reservoir rim.

He said that Mangla Dam has been playing a pivotal role for socio-economic development of the country since its completion in 1967 by releasing the stored water for agriculture, mitigating floods and providing low-cost hydel electricity to the national grid.

Referring to the Refurbishment Project of Mangla Hydel Power Station, he said that WAPDA has devised a two-pronged strategy for optimal utilization of hydropower resources. Under the strategy, WAPDA is not only initiating new hydropower projects but also rehabilitating and upgrading its existing hydel power stations to maximize the ratio of environment friendly and low-cost hydel electricity in the national grid. He directed the officers concerned to complete the project within the stipulated timeframe.

The chairman expressed satisfaction over the exemplary implementation of Mangla Watershed Management Project to reduce the rate of sedimentation flowing into Mangla Reservoir, as a result of which, the life of Mangla Reservoir has increased significantly.

During the visit, the chairman was briefed that consequent upon the completion of Mangla Dam Raising Project in 2011, Mangla Dam is now the largest water reservoir of the country with live storage capacity of 7.48 million acre feet (MAF). It was further briefed that Mangla Refurbishment Project will be implemented in various phases, wherein the generating units of Mangla hydel power station will be refurbished by closing down one tunnel (two generating units) at a time. First two units will be refurbished by December 2018, the next two by December 2019 and the other two by December 2020. Refurbishment of all the 10 generating units will be completed by the year 2024.