Low gas pressure forcing industries to stop production at SITE

Winter season has issues for industrialists to operate industries properly. Due to load shading and Low gas pressure, industrial units are stopping their production.  Shortage of natural gas with persistent low pressure has an extensive impact on industrial units in Site industrial area. Industrialists are powerless to carry on manufacture in present grim situation i.e. no gas, no work.  With such low pressure of gas, it is impossible for industries to run their production while laborers sitting idle with heavy burden of wages resulting as failure to meet the export commitments due to passing away of the deadline.  This situation has also casted impact on the foreign buyers, which are refusing to not lift the goods with an impactful loss of orders. As industries are the back-bone of a country for economic growth and development, thus the provision of gas and electricity is an important task for the government to keep industries operating. All fruitful efforts and planning should be made to ensure that industrial units may operate smoothly. Meanwhile, Site Association of Industry has strongly condemned the non-supply of gas with the required pressure to the industries of SITE area and has demanded from the government to ensure gas supply at full pressure to industries as promised.