Local industry has the potential to grow exponentially if given the chance Engr. Yousuf Hasan, C.E.O Y.H. Associates talked to Engineering Post

Engineering Post had the opportunity to have a detailed discussion with the renowned consultant Engr. Yousuf Hasan regarding the current condition of the economy at the recent HVACR Trends2 Expo & Conference organized at Karachi Marriott Hotel by ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter. We asked him, why is the quality of locally manufactured products not up to the mark and how can we improve it? Engr. Yousuf Hasan very eloquently explained “The local industry will grow only when they are provided with the opportunity to grow. This is the right time for local manufacturers to fill the vacuum created due to ban on import. I always advocated that we should not become a trading nation rather we should focus on improvement of our local manufacturing industry. To boost the quality of their products the manufacturers can collaborate with international companies for technology transfer and manufacture the products according to their standards. This will help their business to grow as well because their products will have international certifications and can compete in International Market,” he said.

There should be a Regulating Authority to set and verify the Standards, Protocols for the compliance for locally manufactured HVAC Products. Government should come up and appreciate the local industry by providing them the facilities, incentives, tax relaxations etc. We are also in liaison with concern Government Bodies to come up on the same page with ASHRAE and other Technical Societies for Standardization. But until that happens, Engr. Yousuf Hasan proposed a very simple solution “There are hundreds of manufacturers in the country. Even if 20 or 30 of them come together and set up a laboratory themselves it will be beneficial for the growth of their business. Moreover if they build a high quality facility they will be able to generate revenue from it as others will use that lab as well. Currently there is only PCSIR which is functioning in Pakistan and that tests only materials not equipment,” he explained.

Some steps should be taken by Government for the betterment of Local Manufacturers, as highlighted by Engr. Yousuf Hasan. The first is subsidizing the setting up and operations of industrial units in the Country. While quoting the example, Engr. Yousuf Hasan said. “In China the land is cheap and the amenities are subsidized by the government. There is no need to pay for electricity, water etc. for first five years. Here the case is different. Land is expensive and electricity is very expensive. The govt should set up dedicated industrial zones and subsidize electricity and other amenities as a way of incentivizing local industry.”

During the conversation he appreciated the efforts of ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter, BOG, other members for arranging expos like HVACR Trends where stakeholders from local and international HVAC industry were participating. “Expos like these are very important as they ensure that people get familiarized with the latest products and trends in the market. I was delighted to see that there are many companies from Turkey, China, Jordan, Germany, UAE, who have participated in the Expos and even brought their equipment to show their products. This shows how important such expos and gatherings are for industry professionals,” commented Engr. Yousuf Hasan. He also appreciated the efforts of Engineering Post for always highlighting the issues of the Engineering community and industry.