Learning from a True Entrepreneur – No short cuts and firm belief on Allah SWT is the key – Mr. Anwar ul Haq, CEO, Mecatech (Pvt) Ltd

Mecatech Private Limited has been working in the HVACR industry for more than 3 decades. With hundreds of successful projects all across the country, Mecatech is one of the leading names in providing top quality services to a diverse range of clients. What is now a top tier company actually had a very humble beginning. Mecatech represents top brands of the world like Trane, Panasonic, Klimallco, Taco, Untes etc in HVACR and Powerlink-UK and EMSA-Turkey in power generation.

To know more about the history of Mecatech and its progress through time, Engineering Post went to CEO Mecatech, Mr. Anwar ul Haq for an exclusive one on one interview. Mr. Anwar ul Haq has a very diverse experience of working on some of the most prestigious projects in Pakistan. During the conversation he divulged that more than 3 decades ago in the year 1990 when he decided to leave his prestigious job at NESPAK to start his own business he was supported by his family. Mr. Anwar ul Haq went to his father to ask for advice who clearly told him that he should go for it without a doubt in his mind because trading is the profession of Prophets “My father said to me that make sure you take care of two things. 1. Never compromise on quality no matter how much profit it has. 2. Never delay payments of the people you owe. I used this advice as the golden rule of doing business in my life” said Mr Anwar ul Haq. “I have always followed my father’s advice to the point that we consider it better to leave a job instead of compromising on quality” he added.

Mecatech is one of the few companies in the HVAC market which enjoys an impeccable reputation from all its clients. From providing high quality products without cutting back on quality to giving excellent after sales services to already commissioned projects, Mecatech has been a game changer in the HVAC market. Over the years, being a progressive company, Mecatech has not limited its scope to HVAC only but also jumped successfully first in the power generation and now in civil construction. Mr. Anwar while talking to Engineering Post expressed his gratitude to Allah SWT for Mecatech’s tremendous success in the construction sector as well.

During the conversation when Mr. Anwar was asked about the secret for running such a successful organization so efficiently, he said “If you want to run a company you have to trust the people. I never try to micromanage anything in my organization because I know the people who are entrusted with the responsibility are reliable and trustworthy which makes the operations smooth,”

Mecatech private limited is what an entrepreneurs dreams to achieve with his start up. It is extraordinary how much Mecatech has grown in the last three decades from having an office without air conditioning to becoming a company with turnover in billions.

Mr. Anwar ul Haq is a true entrepreneur who put everything at stake at the beginning of his career to start his own business and with consistent hard work and amazing work ethic achieved tremendous success in his life. When asked for advice for the upcoming entrepreneurs of the country he said “It is my experience that there is no set technique for achieving success. Just do the proper work, don’t try to take shortcuts and firmly believe in Allah,” He further added “Another very important factor which amounts to success is never to try to harm anyone’s business. Here at Mecatech, our sales representatives have strict instructions to only talk about our product and never talk negatively about any other’s product in order to secure any contract.”