Jubilee Corporation- Uplifting the standards of electrical installations – A candid conversation with Mr. Ahmed Rehan Lutfi, Senior Manager, Business Development

Jubilee Corporation is the leading importer and stockist of Switchgear, Automation & Control components in the country for the last 6 decades. The company is currently working with more than 30 globally renowned and specialist manufacturers to offer top quality products and solutions in the market.

The key areas include Low Voltage Switchgear, Dry Type Transformers, Busbar Trunking System, Automatic Voltage Regulators, External Lightning Protection, Energy Management, Automation, Pneumatics, and Instrumentation & Controls.

To learn more about the market situation from their perspective, Engineering Post had an exclusive interview with Mr. Ahmed Rehan Lutfi, Senior Manager Business Development at Jubilee Corporation. Mr. Rehan, being an electrical engineer himself truly understands the intricacies involved in marketing of engineering products. After completing his Electrical Engineering, he studied business and did his Master’s in Business Administration from IBA Karachi. He started his career with Alstom Pakistan, and later served Schneider, Pakistan & Saudi Arabia.

During the course of interview Mr. Rehan explained how Jubilee Corporation has been expanding its sales and support teams all across the country taking a more aggressive stance towards enhancing its customer reach “We are working systematically to increase awareness about new products by enhancing our reach to customers. We are further expanding our teams all across the country. To increase our footprints in lower Punjab, we have recently opened a new office in Multan in addition to our existing offices in Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad & Karachi, to facilitate our customers further.” he highlighted.

Jubilee Corporation’s long history of success in a highly competitive market largely stems from its commitment to highest standards of quality in their products. The company keenly invests in the technical learning of their teams, so they can provide the best customer support.

During the conversation, a very interesting point that came under discussion was about uplifting the standards of manufacturing. It was mentioned that government should device policies which should attract global players to invest in the country, raising manufacturing standards through technology transfer, training and development.  With the increasing trend of compliance to International standards, particularly in Panel fabrication industry, the demand of imported panels is increasing resulting in reduced playing field for the local fabricators. 

“If we truly want to uplift the quality standards local switchgear industry, more facilitation from the government is required in terms of technology transfer, testing facilities and labs of international standards so that licenses can be issued to the local fabricators after necessary verification of prototypes.”, said Mr. Rehan.

Further, while emphasizing more on maintaining quality standards, Mr. Rehan highlighted that the experts in the field i.e. consultants and governing bodies need to play their part to ensure that standards of the industry are raised by following the latest industrial guidelines. “To ensure the progress of the overall industry, all stakeholders should encourage merit, fairness and transparency”, he said. Mr. Rehan further revealed that Jubilee Corporation is working rigorously to further enhance their customer’s experience, both by delivering quality products and solutions according to the current needs of the market, and providing technical and after-sales support