Large scale manufacturing of engineering products up by 1.46 %

According to the Provisional Quantum Index Numbers published by Pakistan Bureau of Statistic (PBS) of the Large Scale Manufacturing Industries (LSMI), the overall output of LSM was reduced by 4.61 percent for November 2019 as compared to November 2018.

Some sectors remain unaffected showing almost same or even increased overall output. These sectors include textile by 0.27 percent, non-metallic mineral products growth jumped up by 1.91 percent, fertilizers registered a growth of 8.04 percent, leather products recorded a growth of 9.47 percent, engineering products growth went up by 1.46 percent, wood products registered a growth of 55.13 percent and rubber products’ growth witnessed an increase of 2.21 percent. Oil Companies Advisory Council (OCAC) related industries registered a reduction of 0.23 percent,

The sectors showing marked reduction in output of automobile industries  whose growth registered a decline of 37.75 percent, iron and steel production declined by 13.82 percent, coke and petroleum products declined by 12.19 percent, electronics by 16.22 percent, pharmaceuticals by 8.38 percent, and food, beverages and tobacco by 6.57 percent.