KPK to announce 10 years long incentive loaded industrial policy

Lack of industrial research hampering economic growth

Engineering Post Report

Linkage between industry and academia, quite unfortunately, leaves much to be desired. The linkage can be described as inter-active, mutually  inclusive goals and objectives oriented between the industry and the academic world. Academic world pillars stand  on creativity, philosophy and theory whereas the industry exists on prevalent  commercially feasible ideas. It can be said that  the academia is software and the industry is the  hardware..

The curriculum for imparting training in the industry related institutions in the country was written decades back whereas the industry moves forward on day to day basis. In the modern world, market trends and the pace of the industry are much faster than before.

The industry-academia linkage  is indispensable for for commercial organizations, educational institutions and the nation as a whole. There will be no industrial revolution  without following this concept. The interaction must be reciprocal for conducting  applied research. Sharing the projects among the students  is another dilemma. It is like  four bedroom house  being shared by  four people without  any acknowledgement of  one’s bedroom..For instance, engineers have to study 18 hours daily for getting admission  into the reputed universities. But after getting the admission,  they are not  cerebrally grilled like  medical and accountancy students do. Furthermore, laboratories of the majority of technical institutions in  the country, so to say,  are much outdated without calibrations and as such crippled. The universities also do not have in house shops as medical colleges have in-house training facilities..

There is dire need for eliminating the gap between research, internship and industry for developing  more cordial  relations  between the industry and academia  through trade associations and  chambers of industry and trade as well as bringing about radical  changes in the curriculum of industrial training institutions keeping in view modern times requirements, scientific and technological advancements. Furthermore, linkage between the academia and industry also needs to be strengthened. Higher Education Commission can play an important role in updating the curriculum of training institutions and ensuring that essential things are made compulsory.