Improving transportation and roads linkages in the country

Engineering Post Report

A modernized transportation and communication network in the country promotes regional connectivity, domestic trade , social uplift and passenger mobility requirements in timely and cost effective way along with export competitiveness.
Pakistan is blessed with a very unique geo-strategic location where opportunities and potential can be realized by exploring its critical connectivity of land routes, coastal lines and and pass through air routes.
The country offers the most effective , economical and visible transport routes throughout all the four seasons of summer,winter, spring and autumn to the land locked Central Asian countries and other neighbouring states while providing them a very conventional trade corridor..
As for as road linkage is concerned, the National Highway Authority (NHA) is committed to provide safe, modern and efficient transportation system across the country.
Pakistan is geographically bisected into two halves by mighty Indus River.Eastern is historically well-developed. In order t bring the Western segment at par with t he Eastern half, NHA is improving East-West connectivity through construction of numerous bridges across river Indus in addition to also investing and paying extra attention to the development of the west.
The present NHA network comprises of 48 national highways, motorways and strategic roads across the country. Current length of this network is 14480 kilometers.
NHA portfolio in Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) of the Federal Government FY2022 consisted of a total of 68 projects with a total budget of Rs 155416.67 million. Out of these 68 projects, 47 are ongoing with an allocation of Rs 99375million including foreign exchange component of Rs 20741.528 million in PSDP FY2022. and local component of Rs 78633.472 million..
Further , 15 new schemes were also listed in PSDP FY 2022 with an allocation of Rs 14375.000 million. In addition to that, 6 Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) schemes were also in PSDP FY2022 with an allocation of Rs 41666.67 million.