Kohinoor Energy incorporates new solar power subsidiary

Report by Engineering Post

Kohinoor Energy Limited is a popular and prominent name in the energy sector and has taken an important  step forward towards expanding  its energy portfolio in a positive and appreciable manner.

It has to establish a new subsidiary   based on solar power which has since  been  approved by its Board of Directors which will specialize in PPA based on Solar Power Plants in view of the growing demand  for sustainable  and renewable  e energy sources all over the region.

This major development  of establishing a new subsidiary located in Islamabad being undertaken by Kohinoor Energy Limited was quite  obviously  in line with the  government’s declared policy of pursuing   cleaner  energy sources aiming at for reducing the environmental  footprints on the country’s  power generation on the whole.

The company sources maintained that the initiative   was expected  to bring substantial economic and environmental benefits and also substantially increase the company’s contributions in promoting the renewable energy  sector in the country .