China and Pakistan working together to define parameters of Second Phase of CPEC

Report by Engineering Post

China and Pakistan are time-tested, all weather, friends and iron brothers and their internationally enviable relations are being gradually strengthened, promoted and advanced through mutually beneficial great game changer China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

First phase of CPEC has quite successfully been completed and fully indicative through chinese-assisted projects in different sectors all over the country with many in the process of being established with Chinese assistance and personnel in all regions.

CPEC has now entered its second phase and both China and Pakistan are engaged in frequent exchange of senior level official delegations for exchanging views and defining the parameters of CPEC Phase 11 and accelerating the pace of implementation of the projects under its overall framework ensuring these to be highly mutually beneficial and secured to the ma maximum extent possible.

CPEC Phase-11 , according to the official sources concerned, highlights  strengthening  bilateral cooperation emphatically in three areas i.e. agriculture,  industry and  technology.

The sources maintained that Pakistan is duly committed to CPEC objectives and is benefitting through Chinese assistance in different sectors. Under the framework of CPEC, Pakistan so far harnessed   $ 25 billion worth of projects which helped this country in establishing   new power projects up to 8000 MW overcoming the persisting energy sector shortage to a great extent, has been able to upgrade logistics and construct a number of highways across the country. On the whole, CPEC has not only helped Pakistan over the years in transforming its energy and infrastructure sectors but also created more than two million jobs preferably to the local people where projects were located.