Jubilee Corporation – Offering Reliable Power Distribution in Pakistan with TMC Dry Type Transformers

Jubilee Corporation (JC), together with TMC, a leading manufacturer of Cast Resin Dry Type Transformers, offers reliable power distribution in Pakistan. The success of TMC can be attributed to an ingrained tradition of engineering and manufacturing excellence spanning over eight decades, resulting in Dry Type Transformers of the highest quality and reliability.

Based on its remarkable performance in the category of Transformers in Pakistan, TMC won the Brand of the Year Awards 2021 under the umbrella of Jubilee Corporation. With TMC’s manufacturing excellence of outstanding products and the team’s technical strength, JC has successfully installed TMC Transformers all over the country. 

JC’s dedicated team of engineers, assigned in different regions of the country, work rigorously on spreading awareness on Dry Type Transformers, taking approvals, enlistments, and addressing technical queries of end users. With our efforts, TMC Transformers has earned the trust of consultants, industry professionals, and other influencers in the fraternity. Together, we have successfully installed TMC’s Cast Resin Dry Type Transformers all over the country, including textile industries, FMCGs, pharmaceuticals, cement industries, health sector, automobile, and various commercial projects.  

With the efforts of Jubilee Corporation as the authorized distributor of TMC, and the brand’s compliance with environmental safety, JC has facilitated the demand and growth of TMC in Pakistan.

For further details and queries, reach out to us at info@jubileecorporation.com or UAN: +92 21 111 000 520 or visit our website at www.jubileecorporation.com