Offering Lightning and Surge Protection Systems, and Earthing solution with IEC compliant tools

Jubilee Corporation—Offering a Comprehensive Range of Portable Measuring and Testing Instruments

Jubilee Corporation (JC) offers a wide range of tachometers and measuring, checking, and calibrating instruments from Lutron. The broader product categories include digital tachometers, stroboscopes, a variety of calibrators and checkers, digital thermometers for non-contact applications, smart digital clamp meters, digital multimeters, LCR meters, lux meters, and various other instruments for measuring sound, pressure, vibration, frequency, and other electrical parameters. 

Lutron Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been the specialist manufacturer of Test & Measurement Instruments for more than 40 years. With its extensive product portfolio and exceptional R&D, the company provides the most comprehensive range of instruments tailored to the emerging needs of different markets worldwide. In Pakistan, Jubilee Corporation is the authorized distributor of Lutron products. 

Lutron has established a spectacular international reputation and exports to over 80 countries worldwide. Other than meeting all relevant international standards, Lutron’s products are also in compliance with the European Union’s RoHS concerning “the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment” and REACH concerning “the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals” regulations. Also, being an ISO 9001-certified manufacturer, Lutron assures that all of its products meet or exceed your quality expectations. 

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