JUBILEE CORPORATION- Celebrating 60 Years of Eminence

Jubilee Corporation (JC), reaches the milestone of 60 years of service and contribution in Pakistan. In the past 6 decades, Jubilee Corporation has continued to expand on the strength of its large product portfolio, stock availability, unparalleled customer service and long-term relationships with customers and stakeholders.

JC’s long history of success in a highly competitive market stems from its commitment to provide and maintain highest quality of products and technical support. Currently, JC is the authorized distributor of more than 35 specialist manufacturers from around the world including Japan, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Korea.

JC’s product portfolio includes Low Voltage Switchgear products, Dry Type Transformers, Busbar Trunking System, Automatic Voltage Regulators and products for Pneumatics, Automation, Instrumentation and Control. JC provides comprehensive solutions for Energy Management, Power Quality, Harmonics Analysis, External Lightning Protection, Surge Protection and Earthing.

The exceptional customer service and after-sales support makes Jubilee Corporation an unmatched player in the field. Over the years, through installations in numerous industrial and commercial sectors, JC has earned the trust of industrial clients, consultants, contractors and switchgear manufacturers, across Pakistan.

Our Story

The remarkable history of Jubilee Corporation (JC) encapsulates stories of hope, unrelenting hard work, endurance, perseverance and resilience. Our roots can be traced back to the time when circuit protection technologies were evolving and had already been adopted in foreign developed countries. Whereas, in Pakistan, primitive methods, such as rewireable fuses, were still in widespread use for protection purpose.

With the vision to bring latest technology trends in the country, self-made entrepreneurs Mr. Akbar Noor Mahomed Sheriff and his father Noor Mahomed Sheriff laid the foundation of an engineering company, Jubilee Corporation, in 1962. Later, Mr. Noordin Sheriff, former electrical engineer at Siemens Pakistan, also joined and brought his valueable technical knowledge and experience to the company founded by his father and elder brother, by introducing the concept of High Rupturing Capacity fuses based on German Technology in the market.

Mr. Abdul Mahomed, ex. Chairman of IEEE USA, Karachi Section, CEO, and the youngest brother of Mr. Akbar Noor Mahomed and Mr. Noordin joined the company with the passion to bring technology advancements in Pakistan. Under his leadership, the company grew by leaps and bounds.

Jubilee Corporation (JC) is one of the longest-serving companies in the Low Voltage Switchgear business in Pakistan.  JC has made outstanding contributions in shaping the technological evolution the of switchgear industry through introducing various global innovations in Pakistan. Some notable concepts include HRC Fuses in 1962; Moulded Case Circuit Breakers and Air Circuit Breakers in 1976; Electronic Over Current Relays in 1985;Digital Air Circuit Breakers in 2008, and Three Phase Automatic Voltage Regulators in 2016.

The Way Forward

We will build upon the legacy of our founders. Jubilee Corporation will continue to take inspiration from the working principles and high performance standards demonstrated by (late) Mr. Abdul Mahomed and his brothers to remain a dominant market player for years to come. 

Our core competency will continue to be grounded in sound technical knowledge, and fostering meaningful innovations. Providing strong, technologically advanced, quality and specialized products is the quintessence of our role as a leading engineering organization in Pakistan. We are committed to carry the same spirit and momentum in the years ahead to grow, bring growth, and serve our customers and the community at large.