Jubilee Corporation embrace challenges with optimism

Mr. Abdul Mahomad, CEO,

Talks to Engineering Post         

Jubilee Corporation (JC) Pakistan is a private engineering organization established in 1962. It is the leading importer and stockiest of Switchgear, Automation & Control components in Pakistan. Jubilee Corporation is working with more than 30 different manufacturers all over the world.

What made you face the problems successfully during the early days?

In the beginning, the focus was to grow ourselves, the Company and the Industrial market, given that it had been less than 2 decades of Pakistan’s independence when Jubilee was established. So, I would say that in the early days, knowledge and passion of the work along with a drive to progress, helped to face problems successfully.

What according to you should explain the success of your company?

Initiating a business endeavor, and then growing it from the ground up is a challenging and time-consuming task. Keeping up with technological advancements of this day and age alongside financial constraints in the increasingly competitive market is never easy. However, working with leading, world-renowned and specialist manufacturers has been the key to success for Jubilee Corporation

What according to you is the best way to handle business in recessions?

There is a need to be consciously prudent at such times. For example, in recessions, overtrading has to be avoided.

We embrace challenges with optimism and take necessary steps as a team, whilst not losing e sight of our long-term goals and ambitions.

What is the impact of dollar rate increase on your business and industry?

Generally, depreciation of the rupee has repercussions for the government’s total debt. In terms of our Business and industry in Pakistan, increased dollar rate has a direct impact on our Imports.

What according to you is the impact of CPEC on local industry?

Due to CPEC China will have easy access particularly to central Asian and Gulf countries? After getting access to some Pakistani markets, China will become an international competitor for Pakistan and its local Industries.

Do you think that govt should take measures to safeguard local industry after CPEC?

Yes, taking measures to safeguard local industry would be the right call

Should Pakistan go for a technology transfer agreement with China?

Yes, Pakistan should go ahead with a technology transfer agreement with China.

What impact China Pakistan free trade agreement may have on local business if not treated on merit?

If not considered on merit, the FTA will negatively affect local business.

How do you see the increasing competition in your industry?

Given the country’s huge market base and rapidly growing middle class, I think all consumer goods’ sectors will continue to do well. However, the challenge of fiscal consolidation and tapping the undocumented economy needs to be tackled more aggressively. There is a need to rise to working with best practices in every field within our industry. Globalization had led to more trading and access, this leads to competing brands entering the local market.

What are the future plans for the next five years and where do you see your esteemed organization after that?

To maintain the leading position in the market, and work to increase our overall customer base.

Any plan of expansion or related diversification?

Adding advanced top-quality products is always part of our mission. So yes, we have been introducing new products in our range and we will continue to expand with products that comply with our standards and market requirements.

What is your message for the young entrepreneurs for their business success?

We don’t lack talent in our youth. My advice to young people is to use your time and energy purposefully and on constructive ideas. Be disciplined and build strong work ethics in whatever you pursue as your choice of career. Invest in yourself and don’t lose focus to ripe long terms rewards in your work.

Any important event or idea other than these questions you want to share with the readers?

Business growth & sustainability in increasingly competitive markets is time consuming and tedious task. But the long-term rewards are worth it. JC has been fortunate in doing business with those who share its vision and core ethics be it our stake holders or customers.