Journey of R.A. Engineering & Services

By Mr. Qazi Mohammad Rashid, CEO

It was year 1990, since I started this journey of making an engineering firm that can fulfill the day to day growing demand of automation in industry. This automation demand was so much expensive at that time and industry was helpless to pay it anyhow.

Synchronization and Control requirement was one of the automation engineering needed most at that time. I started my business with the expertise for the same.

That time, most of the engineers in industry and consultants used to take this expertise mostly from abroad paying a heavy cost against it. With the services offered by M/s RA Engineering at that time it was RA Electronics, they got a better and less expensive and reliable system.

So, this journey continued and we developed many control equipment’s and electronics cards in the field Power Generation and Controls.

  1. A. Engineering & Services (Pvt.) Limited is the pioneer of Auto Synchronizing expertise in Pakistan. We are delivering our services successfully in power sector for the last 26 years having over 1000 plus esteemed clients and projects.

Then came the time for installation and commissioning of Diesel and Gas generators; we installed more than 1000 plus MW all over Pakistan with different Power Generation companies.

It was our expertise and 24/7 back up services that give our company the reliable name in the Pakistan market of Power Generation and Control Field.

Later we started our own manufacturing unit and a Research & Development Laboratory in 1995.

This gave us a more boost in the field of Grid Synchronizing and we did lot of projects including Lucky Cement, Gul-Ahmed and Al-noor Sugar to mention a few.

This Grid synchronizing was introduced by RA Engineering was unique and hi-tech and gave us a giant leap in the Power Sector Business. We introduced ComAp Controllers from Chech Republic Which very soon captured the market with a share of more than 50%.

Our Synchronizing got a more boost when we intensively organized our Switchgear Manufacturing Business in 2012 and within 4 years’ time got approved from major Engineering Consulting Firms and Customers.

Recently, we have joined hand with M/s ABB as a Channel Partner for Low Voltage Breakers and Control Products. Similarly, we are producing Siemens SIVCON S4 Type Tested Assemblies after an extensive training and maintaining the required facilities in our manufacturing unit.

In future , we are aiming at Medium Voltage and Transformer Business too.

RA Rental started in 2006, the partnership with M/s SM Jaffer & Co. and now we are successfully running a rental fleet of more than 125 Diesel gensets & approximately 10 no: gasgensets upto 1.5MW  with the total capacity of more than 100 MW.

We maintain the Services Department also for the Generators and Annual Maintenance Contracts.

About 2 years back we got authorized distributorship from Rolls Royce Group for mtu Onsite Energy for Diesel and Gas Engines for a wide range of Power.

We have installed upto 32 MW  and many orders for upcoming year.

This is a small introduction of my very long journey not so long than 25 years of business but I am very thankful to Almighty Allah who gave me courage and success to move forward with the support of my brothers with me in this business contributing a lot and a very good team of Engineer, Professionals and Technicians to get along this Engineering firm smoothly and rapidly.